Shorinji Kempo utilizes two main catagories of techniques: Goho and Juho

Goho refers to the positive or “hard” system of techniques, and includes punching, striking, kicking, and blocking movements. The emphasis of Goho is on accurate and rapid counterattacks to an opponent’s weak points. To see more Goho pictures, click here.

Juho refers to the “soft” system of techniques, and includes eluding, twisting, pinning, joint reverses, and throwing techniques.  Juho techniques rely upon “capturing” an opponent’s balance or causing acute pain without injury (i.e. pain compliance techniques).  Juho complements the Goho system well since it allows a Shorinji Kempo practicioner to deal with close range attacks and grabs.   To see more Juho pictures, click here.

Shorinji Kempo combines Goho and Juho to form an effective defense against multiple opponents:

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