General Information

What is Shorinji Kempo?:  Founded in Japan in 1947 by Doshin So, Shorinji Kempo is a way of developing individuals with confidence, courage, vigor and compassion, individuals who are useful to society, through a combination of learning, mastery of techniques, and a unique education system.  It advocates a society in which people help each other and live happily together through the nurturing of reliable individuals.

About San Francisco Branch:The San Francisco Branch has been in existence for more than 30 years in the heart of San Francisco’s Japantown. The practice sessions at our dojo emphasize practical self-defense and application of Shorinji Kempo in real world situations. Practice sessions are friendly and non-competitive; all students are encouraged to learn through cooperation and mutual growth.

Our Instructor:
Branch Master, Sensei Yuji Harada (7th Dan) is the head instructor at the San Francisco dojo. Harada Sensei has been practicing Shorinji Kempo since the age of 15. Formerly the captain of the Fukuoka University in Kyushu Shorinji Kempo team, he moved to America at age 25 in 1979 and opened the San Francisco dojo in the city’s historic Japantown. Harada Sensei’s advanced students have opened their own branches in Berkeley, San Mateo, and San Diego.

Adult Class Times:
Tuesdays (beginning – advanced)  6:30pm – 8:30pm
Thursdays (beginning, intermediate)  6:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturdays (beginning – advanced)  5:00pm – 6:30pm

Kids Class:
Saturdays  5:00pm – 6:30pm

Can I Try It Out Before Joining?:
Yes, definitely, and the first trial class is free with no obligation.  Please arrive at the dojo at least 10 minutes before class and speak with any black belt present to let them know you are there to try out the class.  Be sure to dress in comfortable work-out clothing like t-shirt and shorts/sweats/leggings if you do not already have a gi.


Shorinji Kempo San Francisco Video on YouTube

Moy Studios Shorinji Kempo Video on Vimeo

Monthly Membership:

Adults: $60 per month

College Students: $30 per month for students enrolled full-time at an undergraduate college or university

Children: $30 per month for children (up to age 17)

There is a one-time $25 registration fee for all students.

Sokoji Temple, lower level (enter through Hemlock Street parking lot – visitors & members park for free)
1691 Laguna St (corner of Sutter)
San Francisco, CA 94115


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