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Branch Master - Yuji Harada

Sensei Yuji Harada is the head instructor at the San Francisco dojo, holding a 7th degree black belt. Harada Sensei has been practicing Shorinji Kempo since the age of 15. Formerly the captain of the Fukuoka University in Kyushu Shorinji Kempo team, he moved to America at age 25 in 1979 and opened the San Francisco dojo in the city's historic Japantown.

Assistant Instructors
Rikitaka Harada

Rikitaka (Riki) has been practicing at the San Francisco Shorinji Kempo branch for more than 20 years, starting at our weekly kid's class.

Riki is a highly skilled instructor, well versed in all aspects of Shorinji Kempo techniques, philosophy, and culture. 

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